We favorite_border Your Variations

We think anyone should be able to learn which variations work best. So we built a whole platform around it. Anytime you have different content or features to expose to your visitors, Conductrics has tools for you.

What Kind of Variations?

Just about anything your teams come up with.

Web Content

  • Headlines, Descriptions
  • Images, CTAs
  • Layouts

Site or App Features

  • New Widgets
  • Layouts, Navigation
  • Offers, Discounts, Upgrades

Back-End Functionality

  • Search strategies, Fufillment providers
  • Call center scripts, CMS systems
  • Just about anything

What Can You Do With Your Variations?

Learn about them, validate assumptions, serve your visitors better …

Select Them via Machine Learning

Automatically present the best variation for each visitor, in real time.

Target Them via Business Rules

Create your own rules to present content or functionality to certain visitors.

Test Them via A/B and MVT Testing

Use industry-standard testing methods to randomly select variations for each visitor, to learn which works best for whom.

Ways to Use Conductrics

Whether you’re a marketer or a developer, we can help.
format_paint No Coding WYSIWYG

Conductrics Express

Set up and preview content variations visually, right on your own web pages. Great for selecting hero images on the fly, testing headlines, and more.
code Easy APIs

For Developers

Straightforward integration into any site, app, or process, anywhere in your stack. Implement machine learning, business rules, or rigorous testing.

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Private and Secure Predictions


This European lottery needed a private and secure solution to predict and recommend the best games to its new and loyal players. Their site directly connects to our reinforcement learning API to discover the best set of games for each player.

The result was 25 million Euro in additional revenues.

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Some great companies using Conductrics

Selected Articles

Field Notes

Let’s Play Roulette: Thompson Sampling

Learn how Conductrics uses Thompson Sampling to provide adaptive bandits. Understanding this aspect of your adaptive agents will let you get the most out of our system.

by Matt Gershoff, January 2018


Getting Past Statistical Significance

Rather than focusing too narrowly on statistical significance, it’s important to understand and reckon with a broader set of statistical concepts, and to ask the question, “Why are we running experiments?”.

by Matt Gershoff, September 2018

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