Conductrics 3.0 Release

Today I am happy to announce Conductrics 3.0, our third major release of our universal optimization platform. Conductrics 3.0 represents the next generation of personalized optimization technology, blending experimentation with machine learning to help deliver the best customer experiences across every Marketing channel. Conductrics 3.0 highlights include:

Conductrics Express – You asked and we listened. While many of you were happy using our APIs, agencies and front-line marketers often wanted a more robust point-and-click tool to help set up tests and personalized experiences for web sites. Conductrics 3.0 introduces Express, a novel, self-hosted WYSIWYG test creation tool that lets non-developers easily create advanced web optimization campaigns. Following our deep belief that long-term optimization requires Marketing and IT to work in harmony, we have designed Express so that it can be self-hosted, without the need for third party tags, allowing IT to ensure proper Q/A and management of the overall operation of your digital properties.

Interpretable AI – Conductrics 3.0 was designed so that clarity is now a core element of our machine learning, and automation algorithms.  Our new platform converts complex optimization logic into easily digestible, human readable decision rules. Conductrics is not alone in applying machine learning to optimize clients’ Marketing applications. However, to be truly effective, marketers must also be able to quickly understand the who and why of predictive analytics. This will be especially true in European markets covered under the upcoming GDPR regulations.

New Flavor of our API – Conductrics has provided APIs as a web service since our first release, back in 2010. Conductrics 3.0 adds an even-faster JavaScript API to our classic web service API. Now it is even easier to integrate across almost any channel, either server or client side (or both) with Conductrics’ APIs.

We have been looking forward to this day for a while now, but what we are most excited about is to see all of the original and amazing experiences you will discover and provide for your customers.  We can’t wait to be part of that journey with you. Please reach out if you would like to learn more or just chat about the future of optimization.

For more on the Conductrics 3.0 platform features, visit

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