Visual Setup (if you like)

Our Conductrics Express solution gives marketers to freedom and power to create new visitor experiences, while ensuring IT has the ability to steward these experiences safely and efficently within your tech stack.


WYSIWYG with Conductrics Express

Make edits right on your page. Change headlines and other text, adjust CTAs, upload alternate images, insert HTML fragments, and more.


No Scripts or Tags to Get Started

Use our browser extension to edit and preview without needing anyone to add scripts to your site. You only need to add our scripts to go live.


Full Control Over Who Sees What

Enable machine learning, adjust random weights, and set up include/exclude or targeting rules. Set up MVT tests, or mark variations as mutually exclusive.

Machine Learning You Can Actually Use


Interpretable AI

Our innovative ML approach allows you to easily understand which of your variations the AI wants to serve to whom, and why.


Audience Discovery

Our AI discovers the combinations of visitor traits that respond best to each of your content variations.


Listen-only mode

Even if you don’t want the AI to do anything, you can still see what it would recommend. This can lead to a better understanding of who your visitors really are.


APIs and Integrations


API Capabilities

Use our machine learning, targeting, and testing capabilities in any site, app, CMS, or backend process.


Server-Side API

Call our REST-style web service from your servers, in kiosks, IoT products, or web pages. Use it anywhere in your tech stack…


JavaScript API

…or use our runtime in the browser for offline support, low-latency interactions, more visitor privacy, and no runtime dependencies.


Custom Visitor Traits

You can send us extra (non-PII) flags about your visitors. We’ll use them in our reporting, and they can inform our AI for targeted selections.


Google Analytics

Easily integrate with Google Analytics, so variations selected by Conductrics show up in the GA reports you already know.


API Flowlets

Use Flowlets for ad-hoc filtering, branching, and lightweight orchestration logic. Edit flowlets in our admin, and call them via our API.

for the Enterprise

Effective Marketing Technology requires Marketing and Technology to work together.

Both Marketing and IT have critical roles, and Conductrics makes it easy for each department to do their job.


Deployment Options

When using our visual Express solution or JavaScript API, you can decide whether the JavaScript files that power your variations are hosted by Conductrics for ease of use, or hosted yourself.

Self-hosting means that you retain complete control over when and how the files are deployed to your visitors. You don’t need to trust third-party scripts.



For companies that need it, we can provide dedicated, single-tenant Conductrics environments. This includes full server-side API access, plus our visual “Express” solution.



For enterprises that need all software to be within their firewall, we offer a containerized, on-premise solution.

Have questions? Interested in a pilot, or just want to talk shop?