Interpretable AI

Machine Learning is powerful. There’s no doubt about that. But its value is ultimately limited if the results aren’t easily understood by the people trying to who seek the insights in the first place.

Our novel machine learning and adaptive algorithms produce results that are both machine- and human-interpretable.


Audience Decision Trees

Our audience decision tree report shows which audiences our ML algorithms have discovered to be most informative, and why.


Used by AI and Humans Alike

Your Conductrics “agents” use the same audience trees when actually selecting variations for your visitors.


Don’t Settle for Black Boxes

Now you no longer have to worry about not being able to understand why some customers receive different experiences.

Machine Learning You Can Actually Use


Interpretable AI

Our innovative ML approach allows you to easily understand which of your variations the AI wants to serve to whom, and why.


Audience Discovery

Our AI discovers the combinations of visitor traits that respond best to each of your content variations.


Listen-only mode

Even if you don’t want the AI to do anything, you can still see what it would recommend. This can lead to a better understanding of who your visitors really are.

Multi-Channel ML

Optimal and consistent experiences over multiple customer touch points requires a platform that can both Integrate across marketing channels, and discover these optimal customer experiences.


Optimize the Customer Journey

Your customer comes to your website, gets interested and calls your call center.

Wouldn’t you love to optimize over this multichannel experience? With Conductrics V3 you can.


Any Channel, Anywhere

Server or Client side? Web or Mobile App? Call Center or Email?

It doesn’t matter. Conductrics optimization APIs have always provided multi-channel capabilities.


Multi-Step Reinforcement Learning

Optimization over multiple channels requires advanced analytical methods that blend attribution with optimization.

Our reinforcement learning AI can discover the best customer experiences, across channels, that jointly provide the highest conversions.

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