New Release of Conductrics!

We are super excited to announce the release of our updated version of Conductrics! After getting feedback from both developers and digital analysts, we have given Conductrics a complete refresh.  Here are a few of the major improvements:


The system has been optimized for speed, ensuring that mPath is superfast and can easily scale to any sized customer’s needs.


We have rewritten the API to make it even easier to get up and running in only a few minutes.  In addition, we have opened up all of the reporting via a new report API.  Of course, you can still use Conductrics reporting UI get insights from your projects, but with the new report API you have full flexibility in what and how to display your data.


Speaking of reports, we will be rolling out a set of advanced reporting tools. First up is our new Targeting Impact report.  Conductrics has always maintained internal predictive models about the effectiveness of your optimization options across all targeting features and segments.  Unfortunately, all of this useful information was really only accessible to the Conductrics’ internal optimization processor –where it is used it to make the best selections for each user.  With the new Targeting Impact report, you can get access to this rich information via an intuitive graphical reporting tool.  Now you can discover at a glance which optimization efforts work best for each type of user.


Best of all, we will be offering offering a free developer account! We want to make using Conductrics as open and as transparent as possible so that you can evaluate it fully. Go ahead, just sign up and get access to the complete Conductrics platform which includes the following:

  1. AB and multivariate Testing via API, with all of the statistical testing reporting you need to evaluate your tests.
  2. Automated Optimization – great for when have time sensitive online campaigns, or if you want user targeting, let Conductrics optimize for you using its built-in machine learning methods.
  3. Complete reporting – you will get access to all of the reporting, so that the business analytics team members can poke around and see all of the insights they can get from using Conductrics.

So go ahead and sign up and if you have any questions or suggestions just reach out to us – we would love to hear from you.



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