Conductrics Announces Search Discovery as a Premier Partner

December 1, 2020 – Austin, Texas – 

Conductrics, a digital experimentation and artificial intelligence (AI) SaaS company, announces its partnership with Search Discovery, a premier data transformation company. Search Discovery will now offer Conductrics optimization technology along with industry-leading optimization consulting support.

Together, the two companies will offer clients a superior integrated solution that satisfies a market need: Clients across industries are searching for both technological solutions and strategic guidance to help drive their internal innovation and growth. This partnership will make it simple for clients to work smarter and faster, use better experimentation techniques, and leverage both Conductrics’ and Search Discovery’s core competencies to build best-in-class optimization and experimentation programs.

Conductrics offers robust and flexible experimentation software that supports the specific requirements of Marketing, Product, and IT departments. Teams are able to seamlessly manage and quickly deploy their experiments using Conductrics’ integrated communication and implementation tools. 

Search Discovery provides strategic consulting for clients to manage and run successful experimentation and personalization programs at scale.

“Aside from the natural business fit, our two teams work well together. The expert team at Search Discovery has an impressive track record of helping A-list clients build and grow world-class optimization programs,” comments Matt Gershoff, Conductrics’ co-founder and CEO. “This new partnership will enable us to provide clients with the optimal combination of technology and experimentation expertise.”

“The Conductrics platform has optimal flexibility, transparency, and the power needed to help us support our clients’ data-driven decision-making across every digital experience—even in today’s increasingly complex privacy environment,” says Kelly Wortham, Search Discovery’s Senior Optimization Director. “The Conductrics team’s ability to quickly customize the platform with our clients’ rapidly changing requirements makes this partnership even more exciting for Search Discovery.”

About Conductrics

In 2010, Conductrics released one of the industry’s first REST APIs for delivering AB Testing, multi-arm bandits, and predictive targeting to empower both Marketing and IT professionals. With Conductrics, marketers, product managers, and consumer experience stakeholders can quickly and easily optimize the customer journey, while IT departments benefit from the platform’s simplicity, ease of use, and integration with existing technology stacks. Visit Conductrics at

About Search Discovery

Search Discovery is a data transformation company that helps organizations use their data with purpose to drive measurable business impact. Their services and solutions help global organizations at every stage of data transformation, including strategy, implementation, optimization, and organizational change management. Search Discovery delivers efficient operations, deeper insights, and improved-decision making across marketing, sales, finance, operations, and human resources. Visit

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