Introducing Conductrics Market Research

The Fusion of Experimentation with Market Research

Customer centric 

For over a decade Conductrics has been providing innovative software for online Experimentation and Optimization. Innovations include the industry’s first API driven A/B Testing and multiarmed bandit software, as well as the first to introduce transparency in our machine learning predictive targeting with human-interpretable contextual bandits capabilities.

Working alongside our client partners, it became clear that even though tools for experimentation and optimization are extremely powerful, up until now they have been inherently limited.   Limited because no matter the type of A/B Test or ML algorithm, experimentation has lacked visibility into a key, and necessary, source of information – the voice of the customer. 

We are excited to announce that we have created Conductrics Market Research a first of its kind solution that integrates Optimization with Market research. Current approaches require separate tools and treat experimentation and research as separate solutions. We believe the true power of customer experience optimization can be only unlocked when experimentation and research are treated as one, like a film and its soundtrack. Full understanding and meaning can only happen when both are perfectly synced with one another.  

Top Level Benefits of combining research with experimentation and optimization include:

  1. Learn directly from the customer about what they care about and their unmet needs in order to feed your experimentation program and to drive drive the fruitful development of new product and new customer experiences.
  2. Now you can learn not only ‘What’ work, but ‘Why’ it works, by adding direct customer feedback alongside customer behavior in your A/B Test metrics. 
  3. Discover if new customer experiences and product features improve customer attitudes and long term loyalty (e.g. NPS) as well as improve sales and conversions.
  4. Tailor the customer’s  journey in real time and show them that you are actually listening to them, by delivering real-time customized online experiences based on their specific survey feedback.
  5. Strengthen your culture of experimentation by improving internal messaging by combining direct customer quotes and your tests’ impact on NPS alongside your current statistical reporting. 

New Platform Capabilities

  • Easy Set up and Launch of Native Surveys directly from Conductrics
  • Connect any A/B Test to any Survey: 
    • Numeric and Yes/No survey responses can be used directly as goals for A/B Test.
    • Collect and connect qualitative/open text customer responses back to each A/B Test treatment experience. 
  • Append in-session user data (e.g logged in, loyalty status, A/B test treatments etc.) to survey response data for enhanced survey reporting.
  • Create in-session user traits directly from survey responses and attach targeting rules to them to customize online user experience in real-time or to run targeted A/B tests.
  • Attach any standard behavioral goals, such as sales, to surveys to auto-generate A/B Tests to determine if offering the survey adversely affects sales or conversions.  

Conductrics Market Research

As we roll out the new integrated platform, customers will gain access to Conductrics Market Research and see it as a new top-level capability along side A/B Testing, Predictive Targeting, and Rule-Based Targeting.

For over a decade, Conductrics has been innovating and delivering industry-first capabilities. We are very excited to be the first to combine direct voice of consumer data alongside traditional experimentation data to provide you with the integrated capabilities needed to create better user experiences, drive long-term loyalty and increase direct revenue.

Get a first look at some of the unique capabilities that are available to your experimentation and research teams that are rolling out at Conductrics. 

To learn more contact us here.

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